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The old days and today

We are among the firsts who have launched the CAD/CAM technology in dental services in Hungary.
Free delivery, even with the same day delivery

Gróf Dental fogtechnikai centrum

  • We work with continuous software and hardware developments on synchronous 5 axis CAD/CAM machines.
  • We are familiar with all technics.
  • We deliver in a short period of time with our courier from Budapest.

Machine fleet

DC5 simultaneous
5 axis CNC
Cirkon, CoCr, Titán Emex (glass ceramics), Vita (glass ceramics), PMMA, Wax Metal, Cirkon, PMMA, Wax Cirkon, CoCr, Titan, PMMA, Wax Cirkon, PMMA, Wax
DC1 - CNC Shera Eco Print - 3D  Gramm 

The old days and today

József Gróf was the founder of the family business. His first job started at Nándor Otta Dental Technician Master after his grammar school studies. After a successful assistant exam he got an Assistant Certificate. In 1949 he received his Master Certificate in Budapest after an excellent master exam. In the meanwhile he was not unfaithful to the trade during the war; in the army he worked at the military dentist then as a Dental Trader he gained insight in the world of stomatology and dental equipment. He worked as an Assistant Dental orthodontic Technician in various laboratories then on 22nd October 1954 he started his own business as József Gróf Dental Laboratory at 16. Pintér Károly utca, Székesfehérvár.

In 1958 he bought the Dental Laboratory of Shreindorfer Ferencné at 14. Pintér Károly utca from Czár Ferencné widow. The laboratory worked on here with his wife and a student. He broadened his professional skills by consulting with his domestic and foreign colleagues. In 1976 staying in the town Centre he built a bigger laboratory at 11. Csók István utca which is today’s Megyeház utca. Meanwhile his son Attila Gróf grew up and he studied and worked by his father. In July of 1983 he got his Assistant Certificate.

Attila Gróf following his father’s traditions co-operated with domestic and foreign colleagues. He took a successful master exam and still in 1986 he launched his own business as an Independent Master Dental Technician by his father. He studied further at prominent factories where he received outstanding professional recognition and got a Certificate. In 1988 his father got retired. He began professional education then he employed his own students after they had finished their studies. The increasing number of employees as well as modernizing technologies allowed and also needed a modernization.

At the end of 1990’s the laboratory constantly expanded inside the building keeping up with the implementation of the actually appearing latest techniques. There was always a careful preparation prior to selecting the most suitable equipment or materials then purchasing them not being afraid of the other challenges and learning. Thus he started applying the CAD-CAM technology which can be considered as a new era too among the first. In 2005 he purchased his first frez machine which works today without any problems and manufactures teeth without a break. Soon a professional recognition followed his preparedness. So the machine fleet has grown continuously after the four-wheeled machine the five-wheeled came after the dry processing the wet one.

He coordinated the system of the different type of machines with the help of the manufacturers and based on his experience and with this he created a unique fleet. In 2012 and 2014 he won two European Union tenders. In the recent years he hosted foreign partner companies a few times that honored him with their visits and educated his colleagues on some professional seminars. The laboratory crew has grown to 16 members till today and they are able to follow up with the latest trends, to satisfy the various needs of customers in the domestic and foreign market as well. The engine of the operating laboratory today is the result of the love of the trade, the hard work and the reliable business relationships.